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This is me skiing for the first time on our trip to Colorado.


We won this trip by sheer luck from a local radio station.

We had a great time in steamboat springs for five days.

(Jan 2003)

                            A short history about me:

      I was born in New York and spent the early years in the little town of Selden New York out on the Island. I then moved to Fort Lauderdale Fla sometime in 1975. I finished High school there and then decided that the best thing for me was to join the Navy. It was interesting at first and I rally hated it. But once I got settled in after the first few years. I actually got used to it. I went on to spend 20+ years in the Navy and traveled all over the world.

     I actually miss it some.. the military has a life style of it's own and the people are really good people (A few jerks too) over all. I spent about 7 1/2 years deployed or away from my family and I would do it all over again. Not to be away from the family, but to see the world and travel like I was able to.

     Well I plan on putting some links to some personal web sites here along with my military travel pictures etc. Take a look and you might find some places you might have been to also. 

Take it easy and enjoy your visit.


A few pictures of me



My 2006 Toyota Truck



My 2002 Red Ford truck

(They said did not have a front end problem until I sold it)