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Seattle Wash 05.2013

The project is to park the boat in a are of it's own and give it some shelter from the sun, rain and put it in a safe place and not on the drive way.

So after lots of talks and thoughts and thinking and planning etc we came up with creating a parking area next to the back yard shed. Only problem is a freaking huge stump and a sweet gum tree.

Time spent on the project

1st was the tree removal and stumps removed  (1 1/2 days)  Sweet gum ugh >> glad it is gone

2nd the main posts  (1/2 day)

3rd finish the posts  (1/4 day)

4th Center peak and A frame and adding structural supports (1/4 day)

5th Putting the plywood down and tar paper  (1 full day) 15 sheets

6th Shingle day  (1/2 day)  


The almost completed boat port


Shingles... done 99% at least front and back in the rain and I am tired.

Karen was a huge help with this part of the build.

Still need to trim the shingles and put the cap shingels on, but it is covered.

All the big jobs are basically done.


09 / 24 - 25 / 2010



09.10 - 09.12

Well we got a little bit of it done. The hard part was the 2x6 main beams (4)



08.25 - 09.03

Well the stump was a pain in the butt, but with a gre chain saw chains and sharping them a few times.... The stump was done... It took a week of slow cutting and avoiding the rocks etc.

Then came the tree...... oh that was a scary thing to drop it between the shed and fence and not hit next doors cypress trees..... Well with a bit of luck and planning and a chain, 75 ft of cable and a come a long... We dropped it perfectly... Well it did take the fence down in  5 sections... but it was rednecked backup for now.