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Jason   Jump 09 / 08   Misc  

Jason is a student at West Georgia College and is in his 2nd -3rd year. He started at Chattahoochee Tech in Dallas, Ga. and then moved on to West Georgia.

       Jason is a work in progress that is going to get there at his time and place. He has a plan. Just that it is his own plan. He will get there and make a good life for him self. He just needs a nudge from time to time. He hates to work on cars and get his hands dirty. But he better stay in school and keep his nose in the books to keep form having to change those brakes.

He is on his third crappy car, not due to his driving. Just bad luck with cars.

His current car is a 1989 Ford escort. (this is 2008) I can't wait until he can get a real nice car for him self. Maybe if he graduates he can have the 2004 Escort (If I still have it).

Over all a great kid with a great future ahead of him.

2008  with Murray


            His Senior year looking a little scruffy.


 I think in late 2004


  I think this was in Jan 2000 on my Navy Retirement day.

          At his Crossover from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.

Jason with his fifth grade teacher.

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His current 1989 Ford Escort. About 90K original miles.


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       Here is his second car. I don't know if I have some pictures of his first car. It blew a head gasket a few months ago and we had to junk it, because it was not worth the repair costs.     




     He paid, I think $1,800 for this one. (1998 Pontiac Le Mans)

It had some miles on it, but we think we got a good deal for the money.

       His first car was a 1995 Ford Taurus. It was red too

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