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BOYO camera install
Seattle Wash 05.2013

Panasonic Avic Z140bh and completeing the camera install

BOYO Camera instruction suck

               Well I just installed this camera. Oh what fucking mess this turned out to be.

               First the instructions are almost useless. If you want something to help good luck. Buy another camera from another company that wants to help you install it.

I installed it on my 2006 Toyota Tacoma

The location was just above the tire removal slot and above the vehicale tag. I had to drill two holes to mount it there as the licence plate looked cheap and ugly

I ran the cables to the drivers backup lamp. I had to splice the wires. (No instructions from BOYO

I also had to run a new cable to the Panasonic (backup wire in the dash) No instructions from Panasonic on this either. Other then a short cable and tell you to run this to the parking brake... yea And the wire was about 8 inches long. Like that is going to reach.

Well It was not that hard, but the instructions from both Panasonic and BOYO abolutely sucked to say the least.

Points to note from my perspective and hopfully someone else will learn from my mistakes.

Buy a 25 foot line of cable to run from the brake cable light to the Stereo.

The Toyota Tacoma has a nice water drain tube that runs from the inside cabin threw the firswall which is great to run all the cable through and I just put the rubber drain tube back and it is holding the wires snug. No holes to drive.

This is a quick down and dirty. I will add more lated.

Toyota Tacoma trucks can roll forward while turned off and placed in reverse. I need to check on this as this is wrong on Toyota's part.