Keywest 08.2010
Jimmy Buffett 07.10
Helen Ga 07.09
Stone Mountain 12.08
Key West 08.08
Hawaii 06.08
North Ga. 05.07
Our Cruise 08.06
SteamBoat 01.03
KeyWest 07/12
Colorado Springs 09/12


     This trip to Hawaii was mainly a trip for my Dad an to take him to the Battle Ship Missouri. This trip was also to get the family together a little bit, but due to costs and other reasons only Pop, Larry and my self were able to go. We left on Thursday the 19th of June and returned the 24th of June 2008. We left from Atlanta and met Larry in Las Vegas and then all traveled together to Hawaii. We all had a great time and enjoyed traveling around Hawaii and then back to Las Vegas. Click the links above to see where we went.

What a great trip this was.