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Key West 08.08
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KeyWest 07/12
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This is our Anniversary trip to Key West Fla in Aug 2008. We had a very nice trip to the Keys and enjoyed every day. The locals were very friendly and If Karen had her way we would move there next week. She just loves the beach and the sun and I can agree we loved the beach and whole area. But it is very expensive and we got a great deal on the Hotel and airfare etc. It still was quite expensive for us, but well worth the trip.


This trip cost about 4K... yes 4K....

Airfare, Hotel rent a car 2K....

Credit card food, gifts, drinks 2K...


I can use some donations here.... cash  


Well see here are the pictures below of the trip.


The Pier House Hotel

The Beach

Dining  @ A & L Lobster



Walking the Streets of Key West







Southern most Point





Earnest Hemingway House




More walking the streets of Key West



Maritime Museum



Grands Dinner



Sunset Party Cruise











Para-sailing Pictures